Structure Quote real time quote beats out the competition again


If you have a structured settlement annuity and are looking to sell some or all of your future payments for a lump sum of cash, you should keep in mind that there can possibly be a huge difference in the amount you receive among the different companies that buy those payments. It is highly advisable to shop around. Depending on your specific situation, it could mean a difference of thousands or possibly tens of thousands of dollars for you.

This is a real life example of what took place in Florida in 2012. T. Ling sold some future structured settlement annuity payments for a  lump sum of cash totalling $8,000.00. Since Structure Quote always uses a low, flat rate, T. Ling could have instead received a cash lump sum totalling $13,880.00. That is a real cash difference of $5,880. WOW is right! That is 73.5% more in real money.  I am sure that T.Ling would have gone to, if given all the facts.

Whether you need a lump sum of cash to pay off medical bills, pay off high interest debt, start a business, buy a house, purchase reliable transportation, pay for college or a trade school, Structure Quote will always offer you the same low flat rate. You can simply go to this website at, input the payments you wish to sell and we will offer you a real time quote within minutes. If you prefer to talk to someonefree real time quote from structure quote about your specific situation, simply give us a call at 1-877-905-7372.



Customers ultimately pay for marketing costs of large structured settlement purchasers


high fees are the result of marketing costsWho do you think pays for the millions of dollars in advertising the large structured settlement purchasers spend each and every month ? Sure, the bill comes to them and they pay the TV stations, the radio stations, the media buyers, google and yahoo etc. But who do you think, ultimately, pays for them in the end ? That’s right. The customer does in the form of higher rates and fees. Well, at least until more people find out about Structure Quote, that is.

Now, when someone wants to find out how much of a lump sum of cash they can get if they want to sell all or some of their future structured settlement, they can just go to and get an answer online instantly without having to haggle with some high pressured salesman. What is really transforming is the fact that Structure Quote uses a low flat rate every time. It’s a simple process really. You register, input your payment information and boom, get an answer.

To explain it in real terms, here is an apples to apples comparison. In February of 2012, according to public records that were filed in Florida, T.Scott sold some future Genworth structured settlement payments for $21,000. That was an effective rate of 13.75%. If the seller had come to and entered the payment info into our simple and speedy online solution, the seller would have been offered $39,408. That is a real cash difference of $18,408. WOW IS RIGHT! That computes as an increase of over 87%. Do you think T.Scott would rather had come to ?

If you are thinking about selling any future structured settlement payments, I highly recommend you go to and see for yourself how easy it is and see how much cash you would receive utlizing our everyday flat rate. If you have questions, you can call us at 1-877-905-7372.

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Getting Cash for Structured Settlements may cost more in 2014


Quantitative Easing to end 2014Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke announced recently that the program called quantitative easing (QE) will soon start to draw down and may be phased out later this year. It is a reason to celebrate for some because it means the economy is starting to pick back up. For others though, it could mean the start of rates and costs moving higher for everything from home loans to cashing out structured settlements.

“On Wednesday Fed Chairman Bernanke said … a policy of buying about $85 billion in bonds each month – could start phasing out later this year. But he characterized this as easing up on the accelerator, not applying the economy’s monetary brakes. US stock prices took a dive of about 1 percent as he spoke”. Bernanke did not state it was happening today, but he had to let the world markets know that it is planning to start soon and to be prepared for it.

World markets have been influenced by the actions of the Fed, even more so since the financial crisis of 2008. Bernanke said the Fed might slow the pace of its bond-buying program if the economy keeps improving. The Fed might stop expanding support of Treasury and mortgage bonds market altogether when the unemployment rate falls to 7 percent.

This could take place as early as 2014. The US job rate is currently hovering at 7.6 percent. “Our policy is in no way predetermined,” he quipped during his press conference that the Fed’s policymaking committee won’t be tied to a timetable if economic conditions change. When the rate does start to rise, it is “likely to be gradual,” Bernanke said.

Since rates are tied to so many other sectors of our economy, that means that rates and costs will begin to creep up everywhere else in the coming months. So, if you are currently receiving structured settlement annuity payments and wish to cash some of them in, the time should be sooner rather than later.

You can go to and get an immediate hassle free quote online or just give us a call at 1-877-905-7372. 



Technology makes life so much easier


Structure Quote embraces technologySometimes I look back on life in the early 1990′s. It included the days when pay phones were sometimes the only way to communicate if you were away from home or work. For mainstream America, computers were still just an entertaining concept. Email was just starting to emerge into daily life as a cool new option to keep in touch. Phones could be installed into cars for a very steep price. Most homes had at least one cordless phone. Mp3 was still not known to the modern world. CDs had just started to overtake tapes as the popular method for listening to music.

Technology today makes life much easier for all of us. We can now stream a movie to our big screen TV with a push of a button. Iphones and androids give us the whole world at our fingertips anywhere and everywhere. We can listen to any of the thousands of songs in our itunes library anywhere we are. It is almost a necessity nowadays to have a website and facebook page for your business to operate. Google Glass and the pebble watch are emerging and soon everyone will have some type of wearable tech that could make our smartphones obsolete.

Back in the day, if someone wanted to get a quote for car insurance, they would have to pull out the yellow pages, call them up and give them all types of info just to hear some prices. Now, you can go on any number of websites, plug in some info and boom— there is your quote. Well, cashing out structured settlement annuity payments have finally made it to the modern world.

StructureQuote allows you to simply go to a website, plug in some info, and —-boom– within minutes, you will get a quote on how much cash you may get if you want to sell some or all of your structured settlement annuity payments. Its that easy. What I can’t understand is why some people still cling to the past and call those big cookie cutter settlement purchasers anymore when 21st century technology is just a click away.. Just click here to get started.

If you prefer to give us a call to discuss your options, simply give us a ring at 877-905-7372.


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How much is a college education worth ?


Pay for college with your structured settlement annuityTrying to decide if going to college or a trade school is worth the price can be a very tough decision. There are many different factors to weigh to ensure that it makes sense for you. First you need to decide what specific program you want to pursue. You will have to consider that you will lose a certain amount of income generating potential while in school.Then, you have to look at the financial costs versus the increased income potential that you will receive over your lifetime.

Finding something you enjoy doing is one of the most important factors. Striking that perfect balance between what is fun to do and what you can make money doing is not easy. You certainly don’t want to invest money and time into learning a trade that you would not have fun waking up to do every day.

There are many competing opinions out there about how much more money you could make over a lifetime, if you invest in an education. The going consensus is that those that get a 4 year degree, tend to make, on average, $800,000 to $1,300,000 more money over their lifetime than someone who never pursues college at all. Of course, every person’s situation is quite different.

If you have a structured settlement and are considering selling some or all or your future payments to finance college or a trade school, check out our website You can get an exact amount of how much we can offer you in a cash lump sum. Using the money to pay for furthering your education is one of the more popular reasons for selling structured settlement payments. Many times it can be a great investment that could help you make much more money over the long term. If you want to discuss your options, simply give us a call at 1-877-905-7372


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Making ends meet on a tight budget


Strucutre quotecan help you make ends meet with a budgetHave you tried to live on a budget but it never seems to work ? There is something that always comes up. It is either an unanticipated car repair, a doctor visit, an appliance breaks down, a roof leak, a toothache. No matter how hard we try to keep our expenses at an even pace, there is always something around the corner that we need to spend money on that breaks the budget. So if you want to give it an attempt, here are some tips that may help,

Set a realistic goal

Thats right. Don’t try to set a budget where there is no chance it will ever work. If you set it too ambitiously, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Separate fixed budget and discretionary spending

You already know how much you need each month for insurance, for rent/mortgage, your car payments, phone bill, your cable bill, your internet and any other fixed obligations you may have. The most power you will have saving will be spending on fluctuating expenses. Some of those may include groceries, the electric bill, entertainment, going out to eat and items you want but may not need.

Build strategies for the discretionary items

These are the items you can really put a dent into with the right game plan. Set up goals for coupon savings each month with the groceries. You can set a goal for how much you can save each month on the electric bill if you are conscious about turning off lights and appliances you don’t use. You can keep the AC at a temperature that is comfortable. You may even find ways to cut back on going out to eat using coupons and picking less expensive restaurants.

Give yourself some breathing room

If you anticipate things happening as they always do for emergencies, put some money aside for that very purpose each month and don’t touch it until you need it. In the end, this will be your savior when the unexpected comes to your door.

Pay off high interest debt

If you’re knee deep in debt with credit card bills, student loans or other debt, a budget can help you see how to dig your way out. Always put enough money toward paying more than the minimum payment due. If you don’t, you will never claw your way out of that hole.

If you are on a fixed income with a structured settlement, It might be the right thing to do to cash in some or all of those payments for some cash so you can pay off those high interest bills that never seem to go down. Structure Quote can help you if you want to get info on how to accomplish that. Call today if you want to talk about your specific situation. 1-877-905-7372.


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Structured settlement payout comparisons case study


Does it really matter which company you go to when you sell your structured settlement payments?  You bet it does. Every company has different priorities and different costs associated with the purchasing of your future payments. They have different procedures and different processes. You should really do your research and make sure you choose the right path or it could cost you big time. 

case study of structured settlement  costsHere is a real world case study right here. This case was filed in February of 2012 in Florida. T. Swabby sold some future payments from a structured settlement annuity through Aurora Insurance Group  for $12,250. The effective rate for this transaction was 21.28%. If T. Swabby had instead come to Structure Quote and requested a hassle-free quote online, using Structure Quote’s always flat rate, the offer would have been $18,497. That is a cash difference of  $6,247 which computes to an astounding 51% increase. Do you think T. Swabby would like to have known that before the sale took place? You bet!

Our firm belief is that anyone wishing to get information about selling their future structured settlement payments would enjoy getting an instant quote online without the hassles of talking to a high pressured salesman first. They can now simply go to our website,, plug in their payment info into the simple online form and instantly receive a quote that we will honor for ten business days. Those of you who have questions about the process and or have questions about your specific situation can give us a call at 1-877-905-7372.


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New truck sales demand increases in US.


The great recession of 2008 had many casualties from almost every sector of the economy. The price of real estate plummeted. The demand for new homes dropped. Not surprisingly, the demand  for any type of construction took a big hit. In fact, one of the largest sectors of employment in America, the construction trade, was hit so hard that as much as 30% of the construction trade faced steep layoffs and unemployment. It was not a big shocker that demand for a new car or truck plummeted as well.

In fact, many auto and truck dealerships had to close up shop. The federal government had to step in to literally bailout the US auto industry. But now that has all changed. Construction is up in almost every sector and because of that, the demand for new pickup trucks has skyrocketed. “F-Series sales – fueled by construction growth and pent-up demand – reached their highest level in more than six years,” said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service.

need to purchase work trucks 6 year highThe need to have a reliable work truck in order to make money in the construction trade has spurred a boom for dealerships that sell trucks. If you are a contractor, one of your most important tools is your truck. You need it to transport employees and building supplies. You need it  to perform estimates and travel from job site to job site.

Those with experience in the construction field can increase their income exponentially if they have a reliable work truck.This is also one of the reasons there are many people wanting to sell their structured settlement annuities future payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash. True, the value of your structured settlement may be more in the future, but if you can increase your income by 50% now, that can outweigh the value of the annuity later on li life for some.

If you need to raise some capital to purchase a truck for work and you want to see how much your structured settlement future payments may be worth, come check out Here you can simply enter your payment data online through our secure site and instantly receive a quote of how much of a lump sum of cash you may receive. If you just have questions about how it all works and how it can help in your particular situation, you can just pick up the phone and call 1-877-905-7372. 


Summer is a great time for home improvements


Summer is here. Well, officially it doesn’t start until June 21st. Kids are getting out of school. Graduations are taking place all over town. The days are getting longer. Trees are full of green leaves and the flowers are all abound. It is also a perfect time to start that much needed home improvement project. With costs of materials at historically low prices, it seems like a good time to pull the trigger and get it done.

home improvement projects for the summerThere are so many choices. You can build out the deck and add a pool. Maybe you can remodel the bathroom. You might even be thinking of remaking the entire kitchen. A popular idea these days is adding on additional room or two. Yet, some people this time of the year love to do landscaping projects that transform the yard and create eye pleasing curb appeal to the home.

Whatever you decide you want to do, coming up with the cash to do a home improvement project is always a challenge. If you have a structured settlement annuity and you need to sell some of your future payments to get the money for your home improvement project, look no further than Here, you can simply input your payment info into our unique online form and instantly find out how much cash you can get with our always low flat rate.

If you rather talk to someone who can answer questions you may have, just give us a call at              1-877-905-7372.

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Home prices will only go up from here


now is the time to buy a homeIf you ever wanted to own a home, now is the time to buy. Prices for new and existing homes have started to creep back up the last few months. Experts think that the trend will continue. “Five years after the start of the financial crisis in earnest, and four years and a week’s time from the beginning of the economic recovery, we’re finally starting to get more of a pickup,” said John Ryding, chief economist at RDQ Economics.

The universally know strategy has always been buy low, sell high. Those who were waiting on the sidelines wondering if the prices are going to go any lower are starting to get back in now. Conventional wisdom is that the bottom was early this year. With more people joining the house buying market, the prices will continue to steadily rise from here.

Coming up with the funds necessary to buy a home is still a complicated story. Those with impeccable credit can get financed no problem. The rest of America must continue to save up for larger and larger down payments that are needed to get a mortgage approved these days. Yet, if you have a structured settlement annuity, the time might be now to cash it in for a large lump sum. Rates are lower than they have ever been and investing in a home makes real economic sense for many. Dumping your money into rent every month just doesn’t make sense anymore for some.

If you own a structured settlement and have future payments coming, check out You can get a hassle-free instant quote online that will show you how much of a cash lump sum offer you could receive to put down on that dream home. Stucture Quote, right now, is the only company out there that can offer you a low flat rate every time instantly. So go ahead and check it out here.

If you would rather talk to a professional and find out what options might work best for your specific situation, you can give us a call at 1-877-905-7372.



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